Superior Walls Specs

Superior Walls products are insulated precast concrete wall systems that are custom manufactured to each building's specifications. Our design provides dry, warm, and strong walls for your home.

Superior Walls Specs
Reinforced Concrete Superior Insulation Stays Dry Superior Design Superior Top Bond Beams Superior Studs Built to Last

Reinforced Concrete

5,000+ PSI precast concrete reinforce with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for Superior Strength. Superior Walls are monolithically poured for greater strength in precast design to meet your home's specific design.

Superior Insulation

2.5" polystyrene insulation provides a damp-proofing vapor barrier to keep your basement, crawlspace, or other interior walls dry. Drywall is not required (by code) to cover the insulation  because the wall assembly meets the code testing requirement for interior finishing material, meeting fire safety requirements and keeping your family safe and your insurance costs down.

Stays Dry

With a clean crushed stone footing, auxiliary drain pipe surrounding and poured concrete floor and a triple layer of sealant between walls , your Superior Walls provide the ultimate protection from water in all forms. No additional damp-proofing will ever be required, saving you money now and down the road.

Superior Design

Precast access holes for wiring and plumbing in the galvanized steel studs allows for ease in finished construction. Precast openings for windows and doors also add to the time and money saving features of Superior Walls with less material waste and quick installation.

Superior Top Bond Beams

Steel reinforced and an extra 1"foam insulation on top bond beams provides a strong foundation and thermally isolated and insulated barrier. Your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer  reducing energy loss and energy cost. Axial load (uniform house weight) of 5,500 lbs per linear foot with special point loads up to 50,000 lbs can be accommodated.

Superior Studs

Galvanized steel studs with precast concrete and vertical steel rebar are built into each Super Wall. With an extra 1" of foam insulation and galvanized steel facing these studs ready for drywall or other finishing as soon as they are set.

Built to Last

Each Superior Wall is CAD custom-designed, specifically precast, laboratory tested,  and laser-leveled on site to give you a home that is built to last. No additional damp-proofing is needed and warranted for 15 years against defects in workmanship and side wall water penetration.