• Step 1: Blueprints
    Step 1: Blueprints
    The building process begins with the builder submitting blueprints to Superior Walls.
  • Step 2: Drafting
    Step 2: Drafting
    Our expert CAD team then drafts your design and prepares plans for our manufacturing plant.
  • Step 3: Sign Off
    Step 3: Sign Off
    Before your walls go into production, the builder carefully reviews our designs and signs off.
  • Step 4: Manufacturing
    Step 4: Manufacturing
    We pour our patented concrete mix into stable forms with steel reinforcements and insulation.
  • Step 5: Installation
    Step 5: Installation
    Our certified installation crew arrives at your building site in within only a few hours completes installation.
  • Step 6: Finished!
    Step 6: Finished!
    The very next day, the builder is ready to pour concrete flooring and begin final construction.

Up To Codes: Precast Concrete Foundations have been specifically in the IRC since 2006. See International Code Council’s Evaluation Service Report on Superior Walls products (includes structural, fire-resistance, damp-proofing, and thermal barrier evaluations and compliance with residential building codes): ESR-1662

Over 35 Years Experience: Superior Walls has been building precast concrete foundations since 1981.

Superior Stats:

  • Available in 9′ or 10′ (basement, above grade, multi-level) and 4′ (crawlspace)
  • 2.5″ of insulation = R-12.5 (option to insulate up to R-50+)
  • 5,000+ PSI concrete, steel reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers
  • 1.75″ Concrete Face Shell
  • 10.25″ Overall Wall Thickness
  • Galvanized steel stud facing
  • Steel reinforced footer and top bond beam

Superior Help: After we get the walls up, here are a few docs that may help further construction:

Superior Advantages:

  • Pre-cast access holes for wiring and plumbing
  • Thermally isolated/insulated from exterior
  • Insulated corners, studs and bond beam
  • No additional damp-proofing required
  • Pre-cast openings for doors and windows
  • Building time reduced
  • Home energy conserved
  • Any home style accommodated
  • Building in virtually any weather accommodated

House_Trans Fast installation: Completed in normally less than one day – allows builders to begin construction on the home the same day. Superior Walls panels are custom made for each home and are manufactured and delivered complete with built-in openings for windows and doors, access for wiring or small plumbing elements and with smart stud facings for easy drywall installation.

Quality Assurance: Each manufacturing plant is regularly inspected by an independent third-party inspection agency to ensure compliance with the Quality Assurance program. Manufacturing and installation personnel are certified. Superior Walls basements are warranted for 15 years against defects in workmanship and side wall water penetration.

See more information on our walls in our brochure: Superior Walls Product Sheet



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