FAQ1Q. If I want to use Superior Walls for my home, at what point should your company representative be contacted?

A. As soon as your lot is cleared and your preliminary site is staked out. We would like to assist  you with your building from the very start. 

Q. FAQ2What information will you need to build the system for my home?

A: The blueprints and any changes that may be required. Depending on local codes we may or not require formal blueprints, even if the builder doesn’t require them. However, we prefer to have a sealed drawing for construction to assure your Superior Walls panels are correctly measured and made.

FAQ3Q. What type of exterior finish can I have? Will it just be a plain concrete wall?

A. Think of Superior Walls panels as the “bones” of your house. Instead of wood framing and plywood, your walls are made of steel and concrete. Any exterior surface works great with Superior Walls: brick, stone, stucco, wood or vinyl siding, even log-facade. 

FAQ4Q. How about interior finishing? Will the inside look any different?

A. Superior Walls panels have the same (if not better) functionality as standard walls. However instead of wood studs you will have insulated concrete and galvanized steel faced studs. Standard drywall is easily installed on this straight and sturdy framework. Wiring and plumbing will also be easily installed thanks to built in access holes.  

FAQ5Q. How are your walls insulated and will I need to add more?

A:  Our walls are formed and poured directly to the insulation in our temperature controlled plant environment. This creates a bond between the two materials that is the envy of the construction industry. The standard insulation value is R-12.5. There is room between the insulated studs for additional insulation if desired. 

FAQ6 Q. Are the windows and doors only standard sizes? Can I use a custom size?

A: Each and every Superior Walls project is custom made for the individual customer. So yes, you can have any size door, window, garage door, or puppy-door made and we will give you the exact size opening for a perfect and easy installation. 

FAQ7Q. What happens if I need to drill through the walls later on?

A: Superior Walls panels are functional and versatile. Any reputable contractor or knowledgeable homeowner will be able to make adjustments to the structure. Check out our “Builders” tab for helpful manuals such as this one: exterior-holes.


FAQ8Q. How does your system compare in cost to the more traditional techniques?

A.  First, look at the total cost of your foundation or wall installation, not just materials. If you were to compare our rates with the highest quality foundation contractor in your area, one that provides a bundle of services like we do, then our costs are not only competitive but you can save time and money. 


FAQ9Q. Is there an instance where the application of Superior Wall systems would be cost prohibitive?

 Yes, where the terrain is too steep to allow access by our cranes and forklifts. Your representative will make that decision upon his preliminary site visit. However, most all job sites are viable. 


Guaranteed15YearsLogoQ. If your cost estimate is somewhat more expensive for my particular home, how can I justify this extra expense for my use?

First, realize we have a premium product.  Your basement or crawlspace foundation is not really something you want to just look at lowest cost. We will give you an exact  and all inclusive quote. No hidden charges, and we guarantee our product and work for 15 years. Find out if your block mason or poured wall contractor will match that warranty.

FAQ11Q. How does installation flow, and how long will it take?

 The process begins with a site visit from our sales rep. When our bid is accepted, we will start the design process and schedule the installation date with you or your builder . When the site prep is completed, our certified installation crew will deliver and install your foundation or walls all in one day. Usually only a few hours are required. 


FAQ12Q. Are there any limitations that I might face in the design? Is it just straight walls and 90° angles?

 Not that we have found in over a quarter of century of building with Superior Walls. With our CAD designing and custom stationary precast concrete forms, virtually any size and angle can be produced. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it for you. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us.

More information can be found on our “Builders” tab or in our Homeowner’s Guide: Homeowner-Guide

See an interactive model of our Superior Walls system by clicking the image below:


You can also veiw and/or print our product sheet specs here: Superior Walls Product Sheet

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